Top Benefits of Riddles for Kids

By Midhul Mohan Das – 2018

Childhood is a period of evolution and growth. It is an age which requires external accelerators to foster both the emotional as well as intellectual development of kids. Like the pupa evolving into a beautiful butterfly, a child should be provided with the necessary encouragement to evolve into a fully fledged individual.

But in the modern technology based age, the world of kids has been shrunk into the boundaries of social networking sites and internet. It is necessary to develop a strong bond with children and make them learn something new every day outside the World Wide Web. It could be made possible by sharing riddles with kids and helping them to understand the logic behind the riddles. Riddles for kids are beneficial in a lot of ways and it would also help to improve the intellectual quotient of children. Let us look at the top benefits of riddles for kids.

Make them familiar with humour which is clever as well as fun

As heard from the ancient times, laughter is the best medicine. It can work miracles in the life of kids. Fun riddles for kids will definitely make children laugh with satisfaction. Laughter can release stress, relax the brain and can fight against many of the mental diseases. It will thus help in the development of the mind and brain of the kids. If your child is unable to control his emotions, then laughter can help him in it. Introduce him to riddles for kids and help him grow into a fully matured individual.
In this world where most kids are suffering from attention deficiency symptom, riddles can attract the attention of children and help them to relax their brain after a long and tedious period of study. It will help them to improve their concentration.

Aids in the development of brain

Two of the most sought after skills in the world today are problem solving and analytical thinking. Many of the higher grade exams like SAT which are ladders for success in later life require these two inevitable skills. Riddles can help your child in acquiring these skills which are in high demand. Studies have shown that riddles can trigger the creativity and critical thinking skills of children.

Enhance the vocabulary

Childhood is a period of learning new words everyday and riddles can help to expand the vocabulary of kids. They learn new words, start to ask questions about the words they don’t understand when they hear a riddle. Children try to devise the meaning of unknown words by connecting them with the context. Riddles thus help kids to derive the meaning of unfamiliar words easily. A well developed vocabulary is essential to survive in this highly competitive world and riddles will help children in that process.

Help kids in social interaction

Unlike other books of study, riddles provide kids with an opportunity to teach them to their peers and parents. This will help in reinforcing what they have learnt and aids kids in their social interaction with other members of the society. Riddles give them an opportunity to share their wisdom and fun with friends and family and hence help them to grow into a social animal. Riddles for kids will encourage them to come out of their introvert shells. Thus, they will bond with their parents as well as friends making social relationships that are stronger and which last longer.

Broaden the comprehension ability

Riddles for kids turn out to be great teachers, which make children learn to read from an early age. Their vocabulary is expanded which will help them to understand things in a new way.

Make your kids familiar with riddles which play an important role in the personality development of your child.

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