Three Creative Ways to Use Riddles

By Wanda Wardell – 2009

When most people think of riddles they think of little jokes that people tell here and there, but riddles can actually be used to keep your brain in peak condition. A recent study revealed that spending a few minutes each day doing riddles or other brain teasers can help you perform better on IQ tests over time and help you perform better in activities that require mental quickness.

Here are a few ways to incorporate riddles and brain teasers into your daily routine:

1. Start them young – If you are a school teacher, share a riddle or brain teaser with your students every morning. Naturally, if you’re an elementary school teacher you’ll have to start with some easy ones, but it’s a good time to get the children interested in learning and the creativity required to solve riddles can be a good way to do this. If you’re a parent, share a few with your child each week and let them spend a few minutes or hours, or even a day or so (depending on how hard it is) thinking about it.

2. Incorporate them into your daily life – Buy a book on brain teasers or riddles, or visit a riddle website every morning, and pick out a few. Think about them while you get ready for work or read your book on the train (or browse the website from your smartphone).

3. Introduce them at work – Set up something at work where riddles get sent out and whoever answers the most correctly in the quickest time during the week or month wins something. This can be fun and also promote creativity at work.

Riddles are rather useful. Not only do they promote unique ways of thinking, but they can also help break the monotony of the everyday grind.

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