Improving Problem Solving Skills With Riddles
By Mohamed Ibrahim – 2017

Everyone loves riddles. But what makes a good brain teaser or puzzle? A riddle uses language to puzzle the reader by providing an enigma or conundrum. Good riddles come in various categories like funny, kids, difficult, easy, logic, math, tricky, what am I riddles, and many others.

Funny riddles will definitely make you think and possibly make you laugh as well. These kind of riddles provide a good form of entertainment during family gatherings and outings.

Kids riddles are generally easy and are well-suited to be solved by children. Riddles in the form of puzzles and brain teasers can aid in the development of problem solving skills, especially in young children.

Difficult riddles require a lot of brain power, reasoning and comprehension. These hard riddles can drive you a little crazy at times, but they sure will force you to think out of the box.

Easy riddles require less thought and time to complete and it’s a fun way to kill time. Young children will generally like easy riddles. These riddles are a good way to keep kids occupied and have fun at the same time.

Math puzzles are based on math concepts and will provide good entertainment to “left-brained” people who are said to be more logical analytical and objective.

Logic riddles are puzzles derived from the mathematics field of deduction. You will not need to think out of the box for such riddles and they can be solved by using pure logic. Have you heard of Einstein’s 5 houses brain teaser? Rumor has it that Einstein made up this impossibly difficult riddle when he was just a kid. You will need to have a lot of patience to think it through.

Tricky riddles can be both crafty and deceptive. They often use a play on words and you can be fooled if you are not careful enough.

What am I riddles require you to identify what is being described by the riddle. These riddles normally trick you with a play on words.

Solving riddles is a wonderful exercise for nearly any age group. For children, it helps to develop their problem solving skills, and improves their ability to do deductive reasoning. For the elderly, it makes them think about things very deeply, and help to keep their minds sharp. For the rest of us, riddles are a great way to kill time, have fun, keep our minds sharp and train ourselves to think out of the box.

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