Telling Your Family Riddles to Pass the Time
By Kimberly Byrne – 2011

When you don’t have anything planned for the day or it’s rainy outside and you and your family are stuck in the house why not sit around and tell your family riddles? Telling riddles will have you family laughing and sometimes even scratching their heads trying to figure out what the answer is to the riddle.

You will find that riddles are in some way like a joke the only difference is that you have to actually do some thinking to get to the punchline. Most riddles use words that have double meaning like “hear” and “here.” So in order to get the riddle you will have to do some creative thinking and think of all the possibilities of the different words. The difficulty of figuring out the riddle is based on the riddle itself. The riddle has to provide you with enough clues to come to the right answer, but that doesn’t mean that the clues have to be easy. So when you are thinking up or looking up different family riddles keep in mind the age range that you are telling them to.

Riddles have been a pastime for centuries not only have riddles been something for passing the time, but they have also been used to pass on secret information during World War II. Even the ancient Greeks have used riddles. They would tell riddles at parties and whoever was the first to get them right would receive prizes. You will be able to find riddles in every society as well as every city across the world.

If you are looking to tell riddles, but don’t know any than you can look online and you will find a large number of sites that will have hundreds of different riddles to choose from. If you would like to look somewhere else then you could look at your local bookstore, there you will be able to find many different books with thousands of riddles and jokes to choose from. You can even find web sites and books that will tell you how to write your own riddles.

After you have found some resources that have different riddles and jokes you will need to read through them to find the right riddles for you and your family. You don’t want to tell your family a riddle that is not family friendly. You will be able to find a large selection of riddles that range from being kid friendly to being only something that an adult should hear. So when choosing your riddles make sure they are something that the whole family can hear. You will also need to make sure that your younger siblings will have a chance a figuring out the answers. So take your time and choose the right family riddles to tell.

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