Tricky Riddles Are Sometimes Called Brain Teasers

By Jason Bacot – 2011

If you like to do things that test your deductive reasoning skills in order to keep your mind sharp and your time occupied, then you need to get into trying to solving tricky riddles. Before you start though, let us warn you, it is certainly not going to be the easiest thing that you have ever tried to do in your life.

Riddles come in different grades of difficulty, starting with the obvious, easy ones, then hard ones, next tricky ones, and the godfather of them all, the evil and sometimes impossible to solve, the brain teasers.

It is recommended that if you do decide to start this exceptional hobby, that you begin with easy riddles. After all, if you start with the hard ones, more than likely you will quit the very first day.

Trying to quickly guess riddle answers is never going to allow you to actually learn how to solve them on a regular and sustainable basis. In order to do that, you are going to have to perfect your skills by working at it, like millions of other people do.

The first thing you are going to need to do is to understand the concept behind riddles. Essentially, they are a play on words that is designed to force you to look in the opposite direction from where the riddle is initially pointing you. If you always think the answer is the one staring you directly in the face, you will never be able to solve one.

Next, you need to read the riddles very slowly and repeatedly before you try to start solving one. This is not the typical type of reading you are used to doing. It involves trying to figure out why the writer put each and every word in the riddle, because they are all there for a reason. As most of you already know, it is very easy to substitute one word for another in a sentence. That is the dilemma when it comes to riddles, trying to figure out why the authors choose to use the exact words that they used?

Then over time, as you begin to practice more and more, you will start to develop your own riddle solving style and techniques. You really should start with the easy riddles first and later when you get good at coming up with the correct answer quickly, move up to the hard riddles.

This will give you an opportunity to feel success, and it will boost your confidence. Then someday, when you solve one of the hardest riddles you ever tired; you will simply feel great about yourself, and know that all of your hard work and dedication finally paid off big time.

Always coming up with riddle answers that are correct is virtually impossible, even for the pros, which have been working on them for years. But, if you stick with it and persevere though the tough times, sooner or later you will get the hang of it and you will be able to solve most riddles that you are confronted with.

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